COVID Truths

Empowering Pandemic T-Shirts

In the middle of what feels like worldwide pandemonium about COVID-19, it’s easy to lose sight of the individual perspectives that keep us connected with our humanity. If your truth feels a little lost in the global conversation, it’s time to reclaim the space to talk about where you stand. At Truth2Tshirt, we created our pandemic t-shirts to help customers find their voices.

Whether you share something fun to lighten the mood or a serious statement about the situation, our prompts help you do it with confidence. From essential trips to the grocery store to your next virtual office meeting, you can make your voice heard with something as simple as the shirt you wear.

More Freedom, Greater Value

There’s plenty to say about the pandemic, so we don’t limit you to one statement. Our reusable t-shirts let you change your message any time. As news breaks and days go by, you’ll always be able to say something relevant and timely with our products. In these times, that little bit of empowerment can make a big difference in your day. Find the right prompt to express your feelings by shopping our selection of COVID-19 shirts now.